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Step 1. Download the game client

To play on our server, you must have the game client World of Warcraft version 1.12.1 or 1.12.2. You can download the installer, install the game, and then update it with patches OR download client is already installed, and unzip it.

WARNING! If you downloaded the installer and you already have installed the game (Cataclysm for example), be sure to rename the folder in which it is located (such as "123", after installing the game and patches, rename the folder back).

World of Warcraft Windows
Valkyrie-WoW-GoogleDrive - contain direct links to: Press the icon with the file you need, then press the Down Arrow at right-down corner of the screen to download the file.

Installer (2.5 GB)

Patches (450 MB)

Installed (5.2 GB)

World of Warcraft Mac

Installed (5.2 GB)

Step 2. Configuring the client

Once you have installed, check that your client is version 1.12.1 (in order to find out the version of your client, you need to run the client and look in the lower left corner). Next ensure you have the correct realmlist information which can be done as follows

  1. Open the file with Notepad located in your game installation folder is a file named, open this using notepad to enable it to be edited. Replace the contents with:
set realmlist

Step 3. Register a game account

Create Account Valkyrie-wow

On behalf of the admin team, we welcome to you Valkyrie-wow. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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